LabShares Newton is an entrepreneurial, fully equipped laboratory, and community for biotech startups located along the Charles River in Newton. Founded in 2018, LabShares has grown quickly with 14 member companies and an opportunity to double its size.


We are seeking a self-motivated, energetic, and reliable Operations Intern to work alongside office and lab staff 10-15 hours per week. This paid internship will focus on a range of administrative, operational, and marketing tasks, and offers the potential to engage with the scientific areas of the company including lab operations and management.


This is an exciting opportunity to work for a rapidly growing startup that can offer a host of real-life experiences. At LabShares, time is valuable, and every team member is critical. The Operations Intern will be exposed to all aspects of the company and will be able to see first-hand how life science companies work. The intern will report to our operations manager and work closely with the rest of our team.