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LabShares Lab Space Facilities

Click the play button in the viewer below to take yourself on a virtual tour of our lab incubator!
Shared Lab Space

Shared Lab Space

Click the play button in the viewer below to take yourself on a virtual tour of LabShares!
Click the play button in the viewer below to take yourself on a virtual tour of our lab incubator!

LabShares is a flexible, turnkey lab and coworking office space for life-science and biotech startups. Our modern, light-filled facilities are fully permitted and conveniently located with free parking. Access to shared lab equipment, conference rooms, and a fully-stocked kitchen are all included in the monthly fee.

Our comprehensive set of shared laboratory equipment includes but is not limited to: flow cytometry systems, plate readers, QT PCR machines, microscopes, HPLC, pure water systems, Western Blot transfer devices, tissue culture suites, a lentiviral suite, standard cold storage ranging from refrigeration to cryostorage, and other miscellaneous pieces. 


If you would like the full list, please reach out to

 LabShares is fully permitted and maintained for bacterial, rDNA, tissue culture and lentiviral work. With over 18,000 SF of shared and private BSL2 lab space, we can accommodate and accelerate your innovation with our turnkey biosafety level 2 lab space for membership.

We offer both open laboratory benches as well as private suites, which range in size from 190SF to 780SF.

Along with the facilities listed below, we provide annual EHS training, IT support, laboratory equipment maintenance, and Safety Committee review of new hazardous procedures.

Membership includes:

  • Space within cold storage ranging from refrigeration to cryostorage with temperature monitoring and security system

  • Biohazard and sharps waste removal

  • Chemical waste removal (billed directly to the member company, managed by LabShares)

  • Use of full shared equipment list (booking software is used to ensure no overlap on equipment use)

  • Lab coat laundering

  • Lab supply purchasing (15% fee)

  • Liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and dry ice

  • Office amenities are detailed below

Shared Office Space

Shared Office Space

LabShares resides in Chapel Bridge Park, which includes incredible amenities like free parking for employees and visitors, bike storage, a first class fitness center free to use for all members, and a full service daily popup cafe.

Amenities included in your LabShares membership are scheduled through Skedda's booking software. Members have access to:

  • Conference and board rooms

  • Telephone rooms

  • Mother's Room

  • Fully stocked kitchen full of premium snacks and drinks

  • State-of-the-art coffee machines from Boston Bean

  • Monthly catered lunch-and-learn networking events with industry leaders

Lab Equipment

List of Equipment

  • Analytical Balances

  • Benchtop Centrifuges

  • Cryostorage

  • Flow Cytometer

  • 4C, -20C and -80C storage

  • Fume Hood

  • High Speed Centrifuge

  • Gel Imager

  • Ice Machine

  • Incubated Shaker

  • Nitrogen Evaporator

  • Oven

  • pH Meter

  • Plate Readers

  • Plate Washers

  • Pure Water Systems

  • Sonicator

  • Spectrophotometer

  • Thermal Cycler

  • Biosafety Cabinets

  • CO2 Incubators

  • Real-Time PCR

  • Array Reader

  • Electrophoresis System

  • HPLC

  • Fluorescent Microscopy

  • Inverted Microscopes

  • Western Blot Transfer Devices

  • Cell Counters

  • Autoclaves

  • Lyopholizer

  • Protein Simple Gel Doc System

  • Bacterial Shakers

  • Lentivirus/BL2+ Room

  • Vortexers

  • Rockers



LabShares Amenities


Dedicated Workstations


Conference & Meeting Rooms

24 Access.png

Unlimited 24 Hour Access

High Speed Ethernet


Shared Lab Equipment


BSL2 Lab for Cell Culture


On-Site Management Team with Access to LabShares Network

Premium Snacks


State-of-the-Art Bean to Cup


Chapel Bridge Park Amenities


Free Parking for Employees & Visitors


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Fooda Popup Restaurant/Cafe


Indoor Bike Storage


Accessible via Public Transportation


First Class Fitness Center

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